Do Unto Others

I’ve had the privilege this semester of participating in a service-learning program that partnered with The Zambia Project in my writing for public relations course. By being partnered with this initiative, I learned all about the organization, I got the opportunity to make a difference, and I got the chance to enact my passion.

Throughout my time in this course I have read through the organization’s website, kept up with its Instagram, and got to meet both the U.S. and Zambia Directors of The Zambia Project. It was satisfying to read about the projects that they are pursuing to impact the quality of life in Western Zambia. Although, this organization has many years to go before they can help a majority of the population, but each day they are taking a step closer in that direction.

A picture of my class with Matthew Mackie, Zambia Director of The Zambia Project, via Skype

It was such a great feeling knowing that I got to make a difference in the organization that I was spending time learning about. By participating in the MobilePack, which is an event that packs meals to be sent to both Zambia and Swaziland, I was able to physically pack meals that will help save a child’s life. Our packing session packed 242 boxes among, which provided 8,712 meals. That can feed almost 24 children for an entire year!

My biggest passion is to help those that are in need, and by participating in this service-learning project I was able foster that passion. Also, I’m interested in working with nonprofit organizations, and this is helping me gain experience with them.

Learning about The Zambia Project reminded me that I take the life I have for granted, I in no way have to worry about access to clean water, shelter, education or even if I will have food to eat.

I am grateful that I’ve gained knowledge about this organization, and I plan to continue being involved with this organization after the completion of this course.

Peace, Love and PR



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