Flat-lined Print News Releases

R.I.P to print news releases

Print news releases have flat-lined, and are on the do not resuscitate list. Print news releases have had a full and happy life, but it is time for it to go.

A news release is an important way for an organization to communicate newsworthy information to members of the media. Print news releases have been the leading way of receiving news from organizations since it was created by father of modern public relations, Ivy Lee, in 1906. Print news releases might have been all the rage in 1906, but it is time to let it rest peacefully.

An image of one of Ivy Lee’s print news releases

With the influence of today’s technology, I believe it is most important to completely transition to online news releases. Online news releases are immediate, impactful and prevalent.

The immediacy of online news releases allow anyone to access them at anytime and anywhere. A person could have a news release in the palm of their hands with just one click on their smartphone. Print news releases had to be mailed or faxed to newspapers and broadcast media, which isn’t efficient. Nevertheless, when mailing print news releases you have to print multiple copies, put them into envelopes, address them, mail them, wait days for the mail carriers to disperse them and then the time it takes for the receivers to open and read them. “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Another important element of online news releases is the impact that it has on society as a whole. You have the ability to reach a large group of people at the same time. You could just type-up one news release and email it to multiple people all in a matter of seconds. There are even electronic distribution sites called Business WirePRWeb, Marketwire and PR Newswire that permit you to upload your news release and it will send it out to all of your targeted media for you!

Online news releases are prevalent. Over 87% of the U.S. population are avid users of the internet! If PR professionals want to effectively reach the media, they need to have prominence with online entities. Social media news releases are becoming a more popular practice within the world of PR. Social media news releases are able to accommodate embedded links, images and videos for an efficient and better experience for the media outlets that receive them. Also, sending news releases via social media make it more applicable for a variety of media publications, such as bloggers, journalists, publishers and even the general public.

Out with the old, in with the new. Hasta la vista print news releases!



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