Helping yourself help Others

Wouldn’t it be great to not only learn, but do something to benefit others at the same time? Well, that is what service-learning is all about! My class is participating in service-learning with The Zambia Project, and this blog just captures my experience so far.

First off, to expand more on what service-learning is, it is aligning classroom instruction with community service. Therefore, the material that we are creating in class will go along with The Zambia Project.

What is The Zambia Project? The Zambia Project is a fundraising initiative to provide children in Zambia with food and water, shelter, education and the word of God.

Candice Martinez is a spokesperson for The Zambia Project that raises awareness for the cause in the U.S. It was great having Martinez come and speak to our classroom and summarize for us all the amazing things that The Zambia Project is doing to save the lives of these children, as well as establishing a better future for them.

This is a picture The Zambia Project’s Instagram account. This picture has Candice Martinez with my class.


I got my first taste of service-learning when I prepared a fact sheet, media advisory and a media pitch for The Zambia Project.

A fact sheet is a one-page document that has background information about an organization/event. To make a fact sheet, I spent time on The Zambia Project’s website where I received information on the history of the Zambia Project, and their progress throughout the years. I organized the fact sheet in bullet points,  and placed the information in categories (history, the different projects) with colored headings.

The Zambia Project website

A media advisory is a one-page paper that is sent to the media to tell five W’s (who, what, when, where and why) of an upcoming event that needs to be covered. I did my media advisory over the MobilePack which is an event that is partnered between the organization called Feed My Starving Children and The Zambia Project and the Second Baptist Church in Conway to pack and send food to children in need (Zambia).

A media pitch is basically pitching an idea to a person in a media outlet that might have an interest in covering your story. I chose to contact Beth Hunt, news anchor from KATV. Hunt enjoys reaching out to charities, so I thought the Zambia Project would be something she’d enjoy. I wanted Hunt to cover my story about ArkansasGiving, which is a day designated for all charities to be located on a website for donors to donate money to the charities.



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