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Blogging is becoming more and more valued among public relations professionals. Nevertheless, as an aspiring public relations professional with no prior blogging experience, it is enlightening to examine the blogs of successful public relationist.

From my first glance at the Brian Solis site I wasn’t too impressed with the visuals, but as I scrolled down I came across one of his blogs about the Miss Universe 2015 incident. This topic is still fresh, which is why it caught my interest. This blog wasn’t too lengthy at all, so luckily I didn’t have the chance to ever lose interest while reading. Solis focused on how the blame of the misannouncement of the winner should be on the design of the cue card rather than Steve Harvey. From this blog I learned that the design can make a big difference in the end, and shouldn’t be underestimated in the world of public relations. Based on this blog, I didn’t learn anything new about public relations writing that I didn’t already know. The Tips for Success page said to stay away from negativity, but Solis didn’t avoid it. He spoke negatively in his post when he mentioned the inadequency of the design of the cue card.

Picture that was in Brian Solis’s blog post.

What caught my attention about this blog  is that it talked about marketing, which is my minor. What is most interesting about this blog is that it talks about how to positively endure marketing failures. It is refreshing for somone to acknowledge that failure can be (sometimes) inevitable, but the importance of the failure is how you get past it. The least interesting aspect of this blog is how wordy it is, which doesn’t align with the Tips for Success page in the textbook. From this post I learned that public relations professionals might have a strategy that doesn’t work, but learning from your mistakes will put you into the position to succeed. Just like the other blog, I did learn anything new about public relations writing.

The Flack had a blog about Netflix, and that was enough to have me sold. What was most interesting to me was that this post talked about the new show on Netflix called “Making A Murderer.” I’ve yet to watch this series, but this show has been a trending topic over the past few weeks. Since I am unfamiliar with this show, much of the information was jargon to me, which was disinteresting. None of the information in this blog taught me anything new about public relations that I didn’t already know. One thing that I learned about public relations writing is how images complement the writing, and makes it more clear for the reader.

The CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings

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